New to Paddleboarding?  Visiting Utah as Veteran Paddler?

Utah is home to several paddleboard companies across the state.

Directory of Rental Shops

Whether you want to take the first step to learning how to ride a surfboard, or you simply just want to try something new outdoors, paddleboarding is a lifelong activity that provides a great workout and is a wonderful way to enjoy the natural environment.

Most people find it easy to pick up and learn, and the transcendent experience of planing across the water while standing on a board is one like none other.

Paddboarding allows you to utilize and improve balance, core strength and endurance, and is a great way to relax and unwind.  Rentals are affordable and fun.  Get started today!


June 20th Newsletter: Rental and Retail Store Directories

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Utah Paddle Surfing is going virtual! Yes, that’s right, we are boardless!

In 2013, we transitioned into a resource website for "All Things SUP" in Utah. Our goal is to reference paddleboard information, provide safety tips, and highlight SUP companies across the state. Join our mailing list to receive periodic Summer of SUP updates. Thank you for being on board with Utah Paddle Surfing! Please email Rebekka Stone,, to add a company name, event or info to the directories. Listings are free of charge.